Phasers on Stun!

After a bit of worry I have settled on using Phaser for my primary means of making games.

Phaser is a javascript library for Html5, specifically made for building games.
It will soon be changing it’s name to Laser, so in future, you’ll want to look for that.

Why did I choose phaser?

Because I can still rapidly produce games, and by my definition that means starting and releasing a game in the same day.
It has a lot of physics that I had to program myself in flash. I has something called states, which can easily be reset. Think of a state like a screen. We would have the main state where all the action takes place, a game over state, a title state, a high score state, etc.

Because I can reset it that means when a player wants to play again, I don’t have to reset a lot of variables or reset things to their initial state, I just restart the state with one line of code.

While phaser games can be converted to a mobile app, I like the idea of just putting them online even for mobile web. I have this theory that people’s phones are filling up with native apps. This means that if they are happy with the apps on their phone, they are less likely to uninstall an app to make room for another one.

So I’m enjoying phaser as a language, but what I miss is autocomplete. I can not find a reasonable editor for this. Some have tried, and while I appreciate the efforts the interface feels slow and clunky. I need to type at the same rate I think.

I have however come up with a work around solution for now. Phaser Snippets, an online resource of snippets for Phaser to make the work faster.
I’ve built it for my personal use, but if anyone can make use of it, please go ahead!