I still love Flash but…

I have had a 15 year relationship with what is now Adobe Flash. 15 years is a long time in the tech world. Things come and go. A lot of my office coworkers were around 6 or 7 when I started using that particular program. I was reluctant to try it at first. There is always an apprehension when trying out a new language. It was the end of 2001, working at a company called tournamentgames.com. I had just started a few weeks before, and was asked to try out the program, Macromedia Flash 5. Not CS5, as it later was called but just 5. There wasn’t much information online at the time about flash, but we muddled through and produced a few games.

After a bit, the code became second nature. A lot of people were using flash, but no everyone used the coding part of it. There was a demand for coders of Actionscript, the language of flash, and not enough people to go around.

Flash gave me an interesting life, I found work in California, Thailand, Wisconsin, Tennessee and dozens of jobs online. I worked for US, Thai, British, Norwegian, and Japanese companies. I made games, apps, widgets, virtual worlds and at one strange time, helped on some dental software.

I was the Flash poster boy. I talked about it with any fellow developer that would listen. I honed my skills. Using Flash and Adobe Air, I could start a game in the morning and have it on a marketplace by evening. One day from idea to launch. Pretty cool!

I dreamed in Actionscript. The code is such a wonderful escape in which to program. It is elegant!

I moved to San Jose. I had my picture taken in front of the Adobe building. I dreamed of trying to crash the employee lunch area to meet the flash team. Never got my timing together on that one. Whenever we went shopping I could see the Adobe building in the distance, and gazed gratefully at the company who made the product that provided for me for so long.

The day I left for the first time for Silicon Valley, I read an article that would allow flash developers to write for the Iphone.
By the time I landed at the SJC airport, Steve Jobs had released his comments and feeling on Flash.

For the next few years after that I saw a lot of information and misinformation about Flash. I didn’t care, I loved it.

But here is the problem I now face.

I can no longer make a living with it.

Whether the perceptions are right or wrong, I no longer care.

What I care about is providing for my family, and Flash is no longer serves that purpose.

Html5 doesn’t have many of the features that Flash had 5 years ago, but it has enough to start working with, and I’m sure it will grow over time.

All my games now are made with the Phaser library. Where flash was a daily thing, I now only open it for client work.

I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities that Flash gave me, but time to move to exciting and profitable adventures.