Dreams, Fears Not Giving Up

Dreams and Fears-not giving up

Things haven’t gone as planned, but that’s ok. They rarely do.

Sometime you have to re-evaluate if you dreams are worth it.

Here are my thoughts.


Text of Video follows:

Dreams and Fear


For those of you that don’t know me my name is Will. And for those of you that do know me, you know that I’ve had dreams. And my dream lately, the last one, the last big one anyway, was to move here to rural Thailand and build games and make money off of doing that. Well, the dream hasn’t quite worked out the way I wanted. I did move here, I’m in the middle of rural Thailand at the moment. It’s beautiful, I love it here. And there had been more problems than I had thought that there would be. But some of them are my fault and some of them aren’t my fault. And in the end, it really doesn’t matter because the results are more or less the same.

And I left a six figure job in California to come here and try to do things on my own. And if you’ve ever had a dream, you’ve usually had several things. You’ve had friends tell you to go for it or you’ve had friends that tell you don’t do it or to give up dreaming. And it’s easy to listen to the people on top and say, you know, do it; you know, take the risk. And it’s also easy to listen to the people that have failed and they say, you know, don’t do it; stop dreaming. And here I am, the guy in the middle, and I’m going to say do it anyway.

Because, you know, things haven’t gone the way that I’ve wanted them to. It’s still better and then never have taken the chance; and worrying and having fear and not dealing with that fear. I think, you know, that’s what stops people from doing anything. And I think that fear has been a lot of the problem so far with my success; or the lack of success has been fear.

I start something, I’m afraid I’m going to get judged on it and then I stop doing it. This video, for example, I’ve tried to start it for ten times because I thought people were going to judge me on it. And you are judging me on it right now and that’s okay, I’ve got to accept that. People judging you is not the worst thing in the world. That’s going to happen anyway whether you speak your mind or not, whether you live your dream or not; people are going to judge you. That’s just a given. It’s just going to happen.

You know, I’m always thinking about gym class. I always got picked last for gym and that was the worst thing. And I always thought the best thing was that if I get to be one of the two captains and then I got to decide who was picked. And, you know, I knew I wasn’t going to be picked last but then once I was the captain, one of those rare occasions, I was so afraid about who to pick first or who to pick next; and because I knew I was being judged on my decision by the other people, the other teammates. So it was a catch-22. It was going to be packed no matter what. And I think I’ve lived in gym class for most of my life in a way that, you know, I’m always worried that people are going to judge me so I don’t speak and I haven’t done a lot of the dreams I wanted to do. At least I’m in the middle of one right now. I’ve started to figure out how it’s all going to work and I’ve changed a lot of my ideas, a lot of my plans. But, you know, here I am the guy in the middle, I’m going to say do it anyway.

I mean, sure, protect yourself and be reasonable about a lot of things, but some things you have to be unreasonable about. It’s your dream, you’re the CEO of your dream. You can’t let other people dictate your dream, you just can’t. Otherwise, it’s not your dream anymore. And if you’ve got a dream, go do it. And I failed many, many times. I’m going to fail many more. Nobody talks about Microsoft Bot, you have to Google that. Or the Apple Lisa, nobody talks about those things. But they were there. Nobody, nobody that’s been successful has not failed.

One of the guys I listened to, Seth Godin, says the reason that he’s successful is he simply failed more than everybody else. I try, I do a lot. I get up in the morning, I start things and often they don’t get finished because I’m afraid of people judging me on. Well, enough of that. I’m going to turn out as much content as I can every day, and it’s starting with this video. And I know it’s not the best. I’m outside, the middle of Thailand. And I’m holding the iPad and it’s probably shaking everywhere, I’m hoping I can stabilize that.

It’s not ideal but nothing ever is going to be ideal. We have to play the cards that we’re given and try to make up our own rules as we go along. We don’t need to be confined by that. We don’t need to be confined by our fear of what everybody else is going to think. And sometimes you just have to say, forget that, forget the other person that is telling you that, you know. And I’ve had a lot of friends and family members tell me this and they’re still my friends and they’re still my family, I love them dearly. But this is my dream, it belongs to me. And I’m going to see it through, in one fashion or another. And I certainly encourage you to do the same. It’s your dream. Go take care of it, go live it.