Beginner Code – lesson 1

Beginner Code using Javascript

Text of video for Beginner Code follows:

If you ever thought you might want to be a programmer and thought that you couldn’t learn? give me 2 minutes to change your mind with some basic Beginner Code!

create a text file on the desktop

and this will work on any computer

and then in that text file I’m going write just a bit of script

and here is one thing I want you know is that we have things in code called tags and most tags have an ending tag

and all it is is a word with inside those > < signs and then a slash for the ending tag

and this tag is a script tag that tells the computer on the start writing code

to pay attention to and then I’m going to but the end tag. So script copy just like that

Pause the video if you need to. and then inside I’m going to put the words

alert(“Hello World”);

and a;

and save that to the desktop

call it hello

and close the file

and I’m going to drag it over here so you can see it

and then I’m pushed F2 to rename it. I’m not going to rename the name, rename the extension rename that to .html

and windows is going to throw a fit, just say that you’re gonna go ahead and change it anyway

hit yes

and now double click it

There you just became a programmer! Welcome to the club.

if this Beginner Code wasn’t too hard check out the next video

to go a little bit further

thank you for watching if you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments section below

and I’ll get back to wherever I am in the world. Thank you

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