Basic WordPress Seo

Basic WordPress Seo

Hi, This is William. and what you see me working on here in this video is a blog post for my site,

about a video I made on phaser animations and I want to and some basic wordpress seo, or search engine optimization to it

I’m using the YoastSeo plugin it’s very easy to use because it gives you a traffic light symbol and what you want try to do is get rid of

all the red lights and get all green lights

and here’s my youtube video and I’ve got the title how to add animations to Phaser

and I am going to copy that as my wordpress title and bring it over into my wordpress blog and I’m going to put that as the title

I’m also going to set it as the key word in yoast

and I’ll update the page

and I’ve got some lights here saying,a gray light say that two stop for its in its those 2 t-0 tos is in their

and a lot of times I leave that the same and ignore that that this time I’m gonna change the phrase

to phaser animation,s because I think maybe people would search on that more than the “how to”

sell change the title over here on the new to video as well to match the key phrases

now, one of the red lights says ” the keyword in city is 0.0% which is a bit low”

so what I need to do is add phaser animation somewhere in the text. Now I don’t want to just put

it in anywhere. I still want it to make sense for people and I can change this how to setup animations in phaser
too how to setup phaser animations and it will mean the same thing,

but then we have are keyword in and that’s very important in basic wordpress seo!

Let me find a couple more places. I like to put it at least three times maybe more for got more words on the page that you can looking for is a percentage a density its called

now “how to add an animation”

turns into “how to add the phaser animation”

or “animations” “How to add phaser animations”

and we find one more place

and that’s all there is the adding animations in Phaser becomes that’s all there is to adding

phaser animations. let’s go back and look at our red lights

the focus keyword “phaser animations” does not appear in the page title or in the URL

so we go up to the top of the page

and we change the title to phaser animations and we can change the permalink

now I’m going to put an underscore in there and sometimes it keeps the red light on if I put in an underscore


it’s usually still given the very good results.

so I’ll update

and let’s see what our main traffic lights says.

and we have a green light.

So we’re good to go, but let’s clean up just a little bit more that see what else we can get here knows some
padding tense liking each two so if you are working in the text in here if you don’t know what
an h2 tag is that’s alright it’s just the > < in it surrounds an h1 or h2 tags


now no links appear in the page consider adding some as appropriate. I did mention in this article about the phaser snippets
so I should put a link to those which is another webpage within my site some you do that

Where is it? There it is, phaser snippets

Link it, great!

Now, it still says no links. Let me update the page

well it’s looking pretty good now, add some images later but most of our red lights are gone. Mostly green lights. So That is how you do basic wordpress seo using Yoast! I hope this is helpful for you

If you have any questions please put them in the comments section on youtube, or contact me on this site and wherever I am in the world I am my

phone will be beep, I’ll reply and if enjoyed this, please subscribe

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