Planning my Minimal Viable Product

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is: “[the] version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort” — Eric Ries.

Planning my Minimal Viable Product

Text of Video:
So my whole thought, plan and dream was that I was going to make IOS and Android games and live off of that.
That was a great dream. We made this game Go Home Ninja, and I think it took six weeks to make
it with the art and everything. A lot longer than I like to spend on a game. We put alot into it. A lot of money, a lot of time.
We got between 100-500 installs and I’ll tell you the numbers a lot closer to 100 is to 500.

So that didn’t work!

I have another game pixel painter free and that’s the one that has done the best.
This is the one I haven’t lost money on and it is just painting game where you have to paint against the clock.
and there’s all sorts of pictures and suc. I spend money on the artwork from and I spent money

getting the that the pictures made. Someone to design the square pictures and like is that I’ve made my money back on this,


The game although it did a lot better as far as installs about 10-50K. It’s got about 12,000 right now and about 2000 daily active players
which is bringing me in is between one and $2.00 a day and the highest that had was $6.00 which was nice.

So not enough to live on, so it’s not exactly the minimal viable product I was hoping for.

This was the next plan that I had because if you’ve read any of my other stuff about the phones being full.

Nobody’s downloading!

I ‘m coming from Gaiaonline. That was great! The one thing, about Gaia was that it wasn’t great on mobile because it was made so long ago.
so I can make these games and have forums and also to things like that and would then easy to set up. But the problems is
there wasn’t anybody to play with. I would have had to get a lot of advertisements to pull people in, because the system like this
it would’ve been a lot harder to maintain. If you didn’t have anybody to play with it wasn’t going to be any fun!

so this is the current thing I’m using and this is going to be my minimal viable product.

What that means is just enough so that I can learn what people want.

In this set up there is no high score other than your own personal best and there’s no interaction with other players
there is no anti-cheating mechanisms in place

but this is what I’ve got:

I’ve got games that can be one player, and this is how looks only I-Phone, and they all run on mobile

and when I click on one of the games it will make a full screen the game or fall browser game
and it will act and behave just as if you had downloaded it.

In another article like talk about people are not downloading anymore once they have their Facebook
and Twitter and all the important things in place and they don’t download any more
than we just have a simple ads after every 10 plays, so very low impact

so I’ve put very little into this technically in this a lot of bells and whistles are missing and that I
wanted to put and but they were not necessary for me to learn. This will be just a little Google analytics so I can figure out what
people are doing

and what they want and I can make a game like this about a day but I figure about one a week

is one a day is a little intense it’s up to one that week to make a game release it like a Friday

will spend $5.00 to advertise it on Facebook

and that’s all I’m going to do until

I learn what works and what doesn’t work.

because that’s the whole point of this exercise now!

I hope this is been somewhat helpful to you.

I thank you for watching if you’ve got any questions about this or about minimal viable products
or anything else just leave that comment the comments section and wherever I am in the world my phone will beep
and I’ll get back to you

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