Test WordPress on Mobile

WordPress generally does a good job of being responsive on its own. Meaning it looks as well on mobile as it does on desktop but
sometimes I need to be sure. So if you hit F12 and you’re using chrome, a panel will pop up over to the side.
You’ll find a button there with the phone,and a tablet together. If you press that it’ll bring up a series of devices that you can see how your web page looks on that device.

You always want to refresh after switching devices, and I’ve got it set here for IPhone 6,

So this is what my website will look like, on the Iphone 6. I can rotate it and that’s what it would look like in landscape
mode. Let’s have a look at the IPad. That’s a lot wider. You always want to refresh after you change devices.

And flip it, and check the galaxy S5.

If you don’t find your device on here all you, need is to know is the height and width of the screen and you can put in custom,
and that’s pretty easy to look up.

Now sometimes though I don’t want to show somebody that’s on the phone the same as I do on the desktop.

so I use the short code and I’ll show you the plug, in a minute so device and not device, and if I put device anything on a tablet
or the phone will pick up the text between that.

If I put [phone] it will only show on the phone. if [tablet] it will only show the text on the tablet. [notaphone] is anything on tablets or desktop. they did get very specific. I usually just use device and not device. But if you’ve got something that’s specifically designed for the Iphone or anything on IOS you can use the IOS tag, the Iphone tag or IPAD Tag. If you’ve got something that you just want to show Android users, you can use that tag. It is very powerful for marketing. I’m sure if you’ve got to download something it you notice that it already knows what system that you’re running.So let me show you how that works when we preview it and I’ll use that mobile testing again. So [device] tests if this is a desktop or laptop

Let me change it back to the phone. This is why have to refresh it still has the old content in there.

it is still on the galaxyS5

and I refresh it and this is the phone or a tablet

So it can be very powerful for marketing and targeting your specific audiences or showing something to a mobile user, or to just to show someone on a desktop.

I hope this is been helpful for you and thank you for watching the video if you’ve got any questions put them comments section on youtube or my Facebook page, and I will reply.

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