Flash To Html5

I’ve just released my new Udemy course and offering 88%-100% discounts.

Are you a flash developer who wants to be able to make cool content to show everywhere? Would you like to turn your flash skills into a new skill to have in your toolbox?

This is not a post on bashing flash! I absolutely loved flash! I worked in Flash for 15 years making my living in it I wrote over 300 games in that time. I even had my picture taken in front of adobe that’s how much I cared about Flash. Then about a year ago, everything came crashing down I realized I was no longer able to make a living and doing what I loved.

I tried moving on to other Technologies. At first, I tried Android but you can only right that for Android devices and I was looking for something that like Adobe told us years ago Write once publish everywhere I tried createJS because you can export those files with flash but the files were so bloated and confusing I lost interest very quickly.

Then after taking some time off, I discovered Phaser and after playing around with Phaser for about 2 weeks I was able to start writing games again just as fast as I was able to in Flash. So join me and let me show you how you can use what you learned in Flash to make wonderful HTML5 content.

The first 50 readers

Now, what do I mean 88% to 100% off?

It is quite simple. To sell Udemy courses I need students in that class. Just the same way as no one will eat in a restaurant that is empty day after day, no one will pay for a class unless they know others are in that class.

So for the first 50 people who read this blog, I’m giving away a free class.

Just click this link!

I do ask that you only take a free coupon if you intend to watch the class and offer some feedback to help me improve future courses.

The second 50 readers

Sometimes these coupons get snapped up quickly and the students who get them forget about the class. Discounted coupons, even heavily discounted, tend to stick around longer. Students who pay even a little of the class seem to get a lot more out of it. So if you missed out on the free coupons, and you are a Flash Developer who wants to be able to write cool content for web and mobile, consider this an investment in your future. I have moved from being a flash developer to making a living writing Phaser Html5 games!

Normal course price is $125. Your cost:$15

Just Click here to get the discount!

You can also preview the parts of the class before purchasing.

This is not just a video course. You’ll be able to post questions to me and the rest of the class for discussion or private message me.

So let’s get started on your path to HTML5. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it.


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