Leaving the comfort Zone

I have spent a lot of years making games and don’t get me wrong I am going to continue to make a lot of games and increase the frequency of up my game making and sharing that in my social media.

Collecting Dust

For years I’ve had projects collecting dust First they collected dust in my brain as ideas. I struggled with the fear of actually making the projects.

Then I struggled with actually shipping these projects opening up to the public view. Finally, I got over that fear.

What I have always struggled with and still struggle with today is the fear of promoting myself. Not because I didn’t think my content was good but because I was brought up to believe any self-promotion was a sign of an unhealthy ego.

Why I am leaving my comfort zone?

As I get older I increasingly see people who need my help and I know have the knowledge that can help them.  Sometimes this is with game programmng and sometimes it’s other areas of content development. When I see other people repeating the same mistakes that I made, how can I stay silent?  So today I’m leaving the comfort zone by writing content and making videos about subjects I’ve not gone into before. I also am going to more aggressively market my content because how can I help people if they don’t know about it?

So what I am going to do now?

  • Games, lots of them, and more often
  • Other code such as Vue and PHP
  • WordPress
  • Blog creation
  • Seo
  • Dropshipping marketing
  • Productivity
  • And a bit about Business

The Risk

There is a danger to this, as I’m still applying to companies as a game developer, and I have followers on social media that see me as a game maker.   So what if they see me as something else? A marketing guy, a business person. Will this destroy what I’ve started to build up? What if I don’t fit into that notion that they have of me? What if I don’t fit into that box?

It is a risk.

The truth is I’ve lived a life that would not fit into most people’s idea of what a life should be about. My life never fit the government forms I was I required to fill out. None of the checkboxes applied to me.

My life is not just about one thing and I suspect whatever your job or passion, your life is it has many parts to it. I have more than one interest and one passion, so I’m going to take that risk to be a more whole and helpful person.

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