Treat everyone like a celebrity

My nephew became a Buddhist monk this last week and it got me thinking of one of my favorite books. THE HOLY MAN by Susan Trott. I won’t give away the story in case you want to read it, and you SHOULD read it. In the book, there is a quote:

“If you treat everyone you meet as a holy man you will be happy.”

From The Holy Man, by Susan Trott

What would happen?

You may or may not have a lot of monks where you live, but you may have seen how people will defer to a minister, rabbi, cleric or priest. What would happen if we did treat all people like that?

Think about a celebrity. Think about your favorite marketing guru, singer, actor, comedian or author? Now picture yourself talking to them. What would you say? What would you hope they would say back?

What if you are the celebrity? How would that feel to get that attention? What would you hope people ask you?

Now take the thought of that attention and apply it to a friend. Try talking to a friend as if they were a celebrity. See their reaction.

Take it further by applying it to people in public. Especially try it out on people who may be often overlooked, such as cleaning staff or cashiers.

If you treat everyone you meet as a celebrity you will be happy. 🙂

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