word count tool

Word Count Tool

word count tool

I created this word count tool to help me with writing. Quickly count words by typing or pasting your text into the text box above and press the COUNT NOW button. Use this word count tool for whatever you like. Personally, I use it for SEO purposes to count who many words are in my blog post. I also use the word count tool to see how many words I have in a section of one of my e-books.

Word count tools are useful. Counting words one by one can be so time-consuming. Search engines will count how many words are on a page. It seems to be a factor to decide how serious a page or post is in trying to get a message across.

Average word counts

Many ideas exist about the ideal lengths of various works. no solid agreement exists about each one. It can be a subject of great debate among writers. There are technical reasons for word counting when it comes to blogs or web pages. For e-books or short stories, you may want to limit the word count in order to keep the reader’s attention. Below is what I have found to be the conventional wisdom of the age.

The minimum number of words you should have on a blog post is 300 words. A great length for a blog post is around 2,000 – 3,000 words.  An e-book should have a minimum count of  10,000 words.  Short stories have about 1,500 words. Novels have around 22 chapters on average with 4,200 words per chapter.

word percentages

The tool also gives you percentages for each word. This will tell you if you are using a word too often. Word percentages also count towards SEO. This is known as the keyword density. 

This tool is useful for writers of:

  • Blogs
  • E-books
  • Websites
  • Testimonials
  • Product Descriptions
  • School Assignments