JavaScript Games for Beginners

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  1. Hi
    What do you think is the best template for my idea that is not, but is close to a card game, selecting pics to use and play from a game-layout of pic choices.
    I am mainly concerned with having a correct startup and setup done correctly, so that it is playable on the web and in device apps. I don’t want any of my entry points to be suboptimal. From the classes, I am confident in my coding of the game, no problem. I am ready to go ahead from the colorzap example covering everything, images, interactions, etc. Would that example be exactly what is needed to go on the web AND device apps? It works perfectly on my web-space, in Safari and iPhone. Would it be the same from the App-Store / DL. Would Anything extra be needed for app-store, etc? What else?

  2. You would certainly need something to wrap your code into if you want to sell it in the apps stores. Cordova is a choice a lot of people go with. I’m looking into alternatives at the moment.

    You can use almost any template or none at all, whatever you are most comfortable using. If you are anxious about bloated template code, I would recommend something lightweight like the Utility Template. Hope that helps.

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